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My Submission to the BCUC Site C Inquiry

Sirs/Mesdames, RE: Submission to the BC Utilities Commission Site C Inquiry In the BC Utilities Commission (BCUC) terms of reference for the Site C Inquiry (Inquiry) consideration is made to the topic of expected peak capacity demand and energy demand … Continue reading

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What anti-Site C activists won’t tell you about energy efficiency

In a previous post I discussed why energy efficiency was not going to be the cheap and easy way to address BC’s electricity needs. Well a number of activists have challenged me on that topic. They argue that we have … Continue reading

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Busting Dogwood’s “Myths” on Oil-by-Rail and Crude Oil Exports

This week the pipeline debate returned to the headlines and with it have come the anti-pipeline activists who have ramped up their outrage machine to 11 and have been on the various media platform presenting their case. What I find … Continue reading

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